Tibetan singing bowls

We will soon be offering Rahanni treatments complimented with Tibetan
singing bowls.

Some benefits of Rahanni Energy Treatment and Tibetan singing bowls:

  • Stress relief: Research supports the use of Tibetan singing bowls as a way to promote relaxation and reduce feelings of anxiety.
  • Improving sleep: Singing bowl therapy has been linked to decrease anxiety and tension, therefore it may be helpful for improving sleep.
  • Reducing depression: Studies linked to singing bowl therapy have shown improvements in mood, which in turn may help with a reduction in depressive symptoms.
  • Stimulating the immune system: It is claimed that Tibetan singing bowls can stimulate the immune system and produce beneficial changes in brain waves.
  • Pain relief: Studies have shown that there is a link to a rise in vibration when using energy healing and sound therapy, this in turn helps to intensify the healing treatment, which significantly decreases the pain intensity.