About us

Rahanni with Joe and Karen

For us our journey to our spiritual path has taken some time, we both felt that we were looking for something that didn’t seem to exist, so we just kept trying different things until Rahanni stopped us in our tracks! We are both natural healers with a passion for helping people and animals. For a long time we have been healing in our own way with family and friends but then we came across Rahanni and it has set us on a much more defined path.

We both became attuned to Rahanni and realised that our healing was working on a much higher vibration with far stronger energies, therefore the healing time of our clients became less. We are both now teachers of Rahanni and are able to offer attunement to Practitioner Level 1 and Teacher Level.

Although we both work with the Ascended Masters, Angels and Higher Beings, we both work slightly different to each other.  Joe is able to connect with the healing energy in a scientific way, his work often takes him down ‘worm holes’  and to different planets, he will often see places you may have been in a previous life. Karen works by seeing any illness and trauma that you may have experienced in the present and the past. This comes to her by seeing lights and pictures in certain areas of the body.

‘We are just normal everyday people that enjoy helping others.’